THE WILL GRAY BLUEPRINT is an online platform offering fans the opportunity to care for artists while on tour – covering expenses such as food, gas, housing, & roadblocks. We hope to connect artists and fans with each other, build a strong community between the two, and give fans tangible ways to become patrons supporting their artists.

This website continues the work and honors the life of Will Gray. Will believed in people, hard work, love, and community. He believed that all good work should be heard, seen, and discovered. He ordered his life to help and build up those around him.

One of his greatest hopes was to foster a community of people that would love and support each other, to build a place where everyone would contribute their own gifts and abilities for the betterment of the culture at large. Will knew that he would never have been able to accomplish what he did without a team of support with him at every turn.

After Will completed his documentary film, Broke*, he wrote, “I’m not a filmmaker. I’m a musician; a storyteller with a story that could never fit inside of a song. The narrative style evolved as I learned more, but the vision was always to tell the truth – let the cameras run and see what happened. I set out to discover if what I was so desperately trying to attain even existed, and what I found changed my life forever. Not because my questions were answered, though many of them were, but because I rediscovered that love and friendship trump all.”

We want THE WILL GRAY BLUEPRINT to continue the work that Will devoted his life to building. We want to bring people together who appreciate and support each other, share the beauty of art and life, and carry light into the dark places of our lives and world.

The reality is that making art costs money. Living costs money. Most forms of making money have a system in place. You go to work, you make a wage. With art, each artist is constantly challenged to create their own system. Many incredibly talented artists cannot continue with the work simply because they cannot afford to make it. When this happens, we all miss out. We miss out on experiencing the beauty of a melody, hearing the lyric that speaks to our souls, or attending the venue that would have left us feeling a part of something larger than ourselves.

Will said, “We’re encouraging everyone to take ownership of the music and artists they love. The fact is, great art dies if it isn’t nurtured. So, we must care for our artists if we want to live in a world with a high level of art.”

We hope this website will be one tangible way of caring for our artists. Here, artists post their categories of need for each tour (food, housing, gas, roadblocks, a unique need). You, the fans, have the opportunity to become patrons by contributing to those categories. On each artist page you will find the artists’ “thank you” gift(s) for their supporters.

15% of each gift given to the artists will be reinvested into THE WILL GRAY BLUEPRINT grant fund and for the sustaining of this work. The remaining 85% will go directly to the artist you select when contributing.

To apply for the grant, artists need to fill out and submit an application with their financial need and vision – click below for the application. Annually, THE WILL GRAY BLUEPRINT Advisors and Grant Committee will award the grant(s) to a recipient(s) to provide the funding for their proposed project. This award could be used for recording, a van, gear, etc. The recipient(s) will be selected on the quality of work and talent as well as vision and need.

From the entire WILL GRAY BLUEPRINT team, we thank you for your support of the arts! We thank you for helping to continue the work that Will devoted his life to building!

To learn more about Will’s personal story with cancer, click here.

To learn more about Will’s documentary film, Broke*, click here. Broke* is available on iTunes, click here.

For questions about the grant application process, email: grant@wgblueprint.com

Grant Application: Coming Soon


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